Library Charter


In all grade levels, we started out the year developing a library charter by discussing how we want to feel when we come to the library.  Charters are one of the anchors of emotional intelligence that are implemented in the  the first phase of  RULER.  The words the students said in response to  the questions, “How do you want to feel when you come to the library?” were gathered into a word cloud in the shape of a star (Lincoln Star).


From this word cloud it was determined that the following 6 words were repeated the most by students: respected, happy, excited, relaxed, safe and calm.

Students in 3-5th grade then had the opportunity to choose one of the top 6 words and write about what we can do to help others feels that way in the library.   Those lists were then narrowed down and voted upon by classes to determine what would be included in the final charter.  Once draft of the charter was completed, each class reviewed it and signed the final copy, which is posted in the entrance arch to the library.