All Library Books Due June 5th!


It’s that time of year again, to return books back to your library!
The end of this week, I will automate the computer to send an email with all of the books currently checked out on each student’s account so that you know what to return.  The email address that is currently affiliated with a student’s account in the student information system (main office) will receive the notice.

All books are due to the library on June 5th.  After that date, any books on a student’s account will automatically be marked as lost and assigned a fine.   As soon as a lost book is returned and scanned, the fine disappears from the account. Please be sure to check the classroom library and our library shelves before replacing or paying for a book. Let me know and I can help look for it in our library.

This fun video shows 10 places where lost books hide!

If the items are truly lost, a couple of options are available.  You may replace the book with a “like new” equivalent copy of the same title- hardcover for hardcover or paperback for paperback. You may also pay the fine.  Checks should be made out to “APP at Lincoln Self Help” and turned into the library or the Lincoln main office.  When you pay a fine, it may take a few days to process and remove the fine from your child’s account.  During this time, you may receive additional emails.

Any fines not taken care of by the day report cards are sent home (6/11) will result in the student’s report card being held in the office until the lost book is returned, paid for or replaced.  Please don’t hesitate to reply to the automated email with any questions or to let the librarian know that a replacement is on the way so your child’s report card won’t be held. Thanks for all your help in finding these books!