4th Grade – Washington State Regions

Washington Regions

Use the websites on this page to help research your region.

General Information

Official Washington State Tourism site

World Book Online (SPS Online Resource – need login at home – ask teacher or librarian) http://www.worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar592860&st=washington+state#tab=homepage

Culture Grams- Washington State  -(SPS Online Resource – need login at home – ask teacher or librarian) http://online.culturegrams.com/states/state.php?sid=47&sn=Washington 

Washington State Symbols http://leg.wa.gov/symbols/pages/default.aspx

WA state General Information http://www.infoplease.com/us-states/washington.html

Historical Events

History Link – Encyclopedia of Washington State History http://www.historylink.org

Geographic Features

National Parks in Washington State  (look for a geographic feature within the park) http://www.nps.gov/state/wa/index.htm?program=all (Also in Plants/Animals/Climate)

Washington State Department of Natural Resources  http://www.dnr.wa.gov  (Thanks EK! Also in economy)

Economy (Businesses)

Washington State Department of Agriculture http://agr.wa.gov/aginwa/

World Book Online (SPS Online Resource – need login at home – ask teacher or librarian)

Washington State Department of Natural Resources  http://www.dnr.wa.gov  (Thanks EK! Also in geographic features)

Plants, Animals, Climate

Western Regional Climate Center http://www.wrcc.dri.edu/narratives/WASHINGTON.htm

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife http://wdfw.wa.gov

Washington Fish and Wildlife Office

National Parks in Washington State  – find the park in your area – click Learn About the Park in the left navigation –  click Nature http://www.nps.gov/state/wa/index.htm?program=all (Thanks IM! already in Geographic Features)

Office of Washington State Climatologist http://www.climate.washington.edu

People and Culture

Indian Education – Look at this map to find the locations of tribes in your region. http://www.indian-ed.org/resources/tribal-directory-map/

Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs – Once you know the tribe in your area, you can look here for a link to their site on this pdf.  Use command or control/ctrl F to open a search box and type the name of the tribe you are looking for. http://www.goia.wa.gov/tribal-directory/tribaldirectory.pdf


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