And the Winner Is… March Book Madness 2016


Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper is the Middle Grade Winner!


Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick Illustrated by Sophie Blackall is the Picture Book Winner!


See the results by clicking the link below.


Two books are left! Which one do you think should win it all? Voting ends Tuesday, March 29 at 7:00 pm EST  Vote for the final winner! Will it be fantasy or reality?



The Final Four have been announced!  Voting Ends Tues., 3/29 at 7pm EST.  Vote for your favorite book from Fantasy and Reality to face off as the last two left!



The results from the Sweet Sixteen are in!   Here are the Elite Eight!  Voting Ends Tues., 3/22 at 7 pm EST.  You can vote here for which books you think should move on to the Final Four!



The seeding votes are in!  The bracket below shows which books are competing against each other in the first round.  Your vote(s) determine the winners of the games.  Voting opens on Wed., 3/9.  You can vote here.







3182061_origIn the library this year, 4th graders will participate in March Book Madness with other schools around the nation and world.  Since this is our first year participating I decided to try it with one grade level because the titles tend to be in high demand.

16 books (8 fantasy and 8 reality) will be competing for the win based solely on student votes of the best book.

Seeding starts this week, go to this link to vote for your 3 favorite reality and 3 favorite fantasy.   Then take an opportunity to write down others that you may want to read.