Reading Bingo

Summer Reading Bingo Header ImageReading Bingo is another  tool to help students find more diverse books to read this summer while having fun!

If a student completes at least one Bingo (5 squares in a row) and returns the Bingo card to the Decatur library in September, he/she will receive a small prize (i.e. smelly bookmark, Popsicle). There may also be a raffle for a larger prize.

Here are the Reading Bingo guidelines:

  • Books need to be ones that haven’t been read before, except for the one square that has you read a book you loved again.
  • Bingo starts after school is out for the summer.
  • One book can be used to fill more than one square.
  • Page must be signed by an adult before it is returned.
  • Record the books your read on the back (2nd page).

Download and print a 2020 Summer Reading Bingo card. (.pdf)   You may also click on the Summer Reading Bingo picture above.

Picture of summer reading bingo pdf chart and book record list

Old Versions

Bingo card Summer 2019 (.pdf)
Bingo Card Summer 2018 (.pdf)
Bingo Card Summer 2017 (.pdf)
Bingo Card Summer 2016 (.pdf)