image of animals and title animal expert project resources

Animal Expert Project Resources

The following sites may be used to research your animal. As we gather more resources, specific animal sites may be added and organized alphabetically and including the Woodland Park Zoo exhibit in which they live. General On the following sites you will need to search the site to see if it has information about your animals.  Click to visit Online Student Resources and use the … Continue reading Animal Expert Project Resources

4th Grade Civics Persuasion Project

Animal Trade Think Twice Before You Buy (.pdf) – IFAW CITES Calls for Urgent Action Illegal Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade (World Wildlife Fund) Illegal Wildlife Trade (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)   Homelessness After 10-Year Plan, Why Does Seattle Have More Homeless Than Ever? (KUOW/NPR) Five Ways to End Homelessness in Seattle (Crosscut) Australian Youngsters Start Mobile Laundry Service For The Homeless (DOGOnews)   Climate Change … Continue reading 4th Grade Civics Persuasion Project